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This blog is introducing and discussing different aspects and approaches dealing with the issue of “Leerstand”. The project has been developed on an almost deserted island in Scotland in 2009.

Leerstand means vacant buildings (old and new ones), an empty closed area or space – unused at the moment, but ready for use immediately.

Leerstand is interesting in terms of abandoned places. Then in re-/using or even creating abandoned places, a review of the existing situation is done. This revision is necessary and is leading to a potential move. Through on-site interactions a process begins. The social-economic values and role systems are being questioned and the discourse with the audience starts.

Therefore, the impact of Leerstand will be investigated at various locations.
After Orkney Islands in Scotland, more researches and works concerning “Leerstand” will follow in Zurich and elsewhere.

A list of current places under consideration:

In Orkney “Leerstand” is omnipresent and partly well-preserved.
>>Leerstand Orkney Islands

In Zurich there is hardly any “Leerstand”, the utilisation of the buildings is used to its capacity.
>>Leerstand Zurich

In Brussels “Leerstand” is handled in an innovative manner.
>>Leerstands Brussels

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November 1, 2009 at 12:00 pm

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