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An alphabetical summary of works/projects, which are dealing with public space, co-determination, urbanism and profitability by extension. (Summary will be updated regularly)

Bik van der Pool (Artist duo)
Interests in circulation of knowledge, as reactivation of history and memory to provide an associative dialogue about the significance of information.
>>Work example: GOOD, 2000 – Project for public Art fund, not realized

Andrea Geyer (Artist)
Interests in large urban constructions, structures of social interactivity and the role of the individual person within.
>>Work example: UNDERSTANDING GEOGRAPHY, 1999 – different kinds of empty conference rooms

Runa Islam (Artist)
Narrations, which explore notions of truth and fiction, subjectivity and authorship.
>>Work example: THE HOUSE BELONGS TO THOSE WHO INHABIT IT, 2008 – Video about postindustrial architecture, memory and affiliation

J&K Janne Schäfer und Kristine Agergaard (Artist duo)
Reality? Fiction? Truth?
>>Work example: THIS IS UTOPIA, 2001 – make a temporary home, make a holy place, built a float

Suzanne Lacy (Artist)
Installations, videos, and large-scale performances on social themes and urban issues.
>>Work example: THE ROOF IS ON FIRE, 1994 – 220 public high school students in unscripted and unedited conversations on family, sexuality, drugs, music, neighborhoods and the future as they sat in 100 cars parked on a rooftop garage

Folke Köbberling & Martin Kaltwasser (Artist duo)
>>Work example: HIGHER, BIGGER, SAFER, 2008 – In cooperation with Heath Bunting, issuing the increased mechanisms of borderlines. The obvious fence off by people who live in gated communities to the rest of the society get more and more visible by their gates and surveillance techniques.

Gordon Matta-Clark (Artist)
Anarchitecture – Sculptural transformations of architecture produced through direct cuts into buildings scheduled for demolition.
>>Work example: SPLITTING / CUTTING, 1974 – deconstruction by removing or cutting the facade of condemned houses

Christian Philipp Müller (Artist)
“Walk, compare, consider, register, expand”
>>Work example: ZELLE DES MYSTAGOGEN, 1995 – A concrete pedestal supported a replica of the guardhouse which, years before, had served for the surveillance of the drug scene in Zurich

Bernard Tschumi (Architect)
Dedicated to the interface between 21st-century culture and architecture.
>>Work example: SPARTAN VILLA, The Hague, 1992 – Project about house, where living and work space are transparent and translucent, private space is a concrete frame

Rachel Whiteread (Artist)
Filling up spaces with industrial materials such as plaster, concrete, rubber, polyester etc. Once the material has hardened, the outer “shell” will be taken away.
>>Work example: HOUSE, 1993 / destroyed 1994 – cast of an entire terrace house in East End London, that had been scheduled for demolition

WochenKlausur (Artist group)
Projects with collective efforts that take place in the concentrated atmosphere of a closed-session working situation. A strictly limited timeframe gives rise to an unusual concentration of participants’ energies, allowing the planned interventions to be realized very quickly. The issue to be addressed is usually established before the project begins.
>>Work example: MITBESTIMMUNG IM ÖFFENTLICHEN RAUM, 2000 – democratic process with participation of population about new composition of public place in an austrian village

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January 1, 2010 at 12:00 pm

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